ASDHA (Association for Human Rights in Afghanistan) is a non-governmental organisation founded in Barcelona in 2000 to support afghan women organisations during the Taliban regime. Nowadays ASDHA is the only Spanish ONG working in Afghanistan. We are currently engaged helping development projects and supporting the afghan civil society who is fighting in favor of women rights and to establish peace with justice in the country.


The international intervention in Afghanistan started in October 2001. The aim was not only to bring down the Taliban regime, but to capture Osama Ben Laden, the leader of al-Qaida, and to save women from the fundamentalists. During more than a decade of international presence, billions of dollars have been invested in Afghanistan and nearly fifty countries have deployed international forces to Afghanistan. Now, it is time to leave. The majority of the countries are packing and they planning to reduce drastically their budget in Afghanistan in the forthcoming years. But, what are we leaving behind? What is the legacy of the international community after more than twelve years? Did we succeed in building a sustainable state? These are only some of the questions that will be explored at the conference.



The project consists in the improvement of the living conditions of the children and teenagers of Qala-e-Naw's orphanage (Badghis's province) in the northwest of Afghanistan. The orphanage is named "Sergeant Juan Antonio Abril Sanchez " and it was built by the Spanish troops.

Nowadays there are 30 children and teenagers in the orphanage. They are there because they have neither father nor mother or because their families are so poor that they have abandoned them. These children are those that have fewer resources in a remote zone of Afghanistan. There are three teachers who teach the children.

The problem is that the building needs basic maintenance to guarantee the health and hygiene of the children and teenagers. What is needed especially is to remove the obstruction of the lavatories, to empty the septic tanks, to arrange the solar panels in order that there could be electricity and to give him general maintenance, as well as to sensitize the director on the importance of taking care of the facilities so that these changes make sense.

At this moment the children have to go to bath to the public baths because the orphanage does not assemble the basic conditions. The project includes the salary of a person who will supervise it on the field.

The total cost of the action is 2.650 €. Take it part!





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